lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Hi all, my name is Ana Pirela. I Livi In Venezuela, State Zulia. My Classes This Semester are: eight classes. In my classes I do well. I find English a very important matter. Is an interesting class.

domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

What's your favorite gift?

my favorite gift is shoes

The Mp5 player is New.

The walkman is old.

The scaner is large.

The ipod player is small.

The CD Player is expensive.

The mini component is inexpensive.

Hair iron s-2000:
Hair iron s-2000 is inexpensive includes instructions. It´s excellent, It´s on sale now for Bs. 250,00.

Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 735s:
Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 735s It´s a expensive product. Is heavy, It´s terrible, It´s on sale now for Bs. 1.500,00

BlackBerry Pearl 8100:

Black Berry Pearl 8100, is light, It´s a expensive product. It´s on sale now for Bs. 1.300,00.

Plasma TV:
Plasma TV 40 inches, is´t excellent, is heavy, it´s an expensive product. It´s on sale now for 8.000,00.Bs

Personal Item

cell Phone